Storing the Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake

How to store your wedding cake safely and correctly


Traditionally, newlywed couples would save the top tier of their wedding cake to have at the christening of their first child. However, starting a family isn’t always the first priority of a newly married couple nowadays, so the tradition has adapted. It’s now more likely that the top tier of the wedding cake will be saved to be eaten on the couple’s first wedding anniversary.

This is a great tradition and a lovely way to mark your first year of married life, by revisiting your big day. This sweet tradition can only continue though if the cake is stored properly, to prevent it going off or drying out. Ensuring your cake is properly stored is even more important if it’s not made of traditional long lasting fruitcake.

Here are some tips to make sure your top tier lasts and stays as fresh as possible:

  • Take off the cake topper and any large decorations. Smaller icing decorations should be fine to stay on.
  • If the cake has been placed on a cardboard base then remove it, as the cake will start to absorb the taste of the cardboard otherwise.
  • Place the tier in the freezer for about an hour, which will cause the icing to harden enough for it to be wrapped without cracking or crumbling, or sticking to the wrapping.
  • After the hour is up, remove the cake from the freezer and wrap it in cling film. Make sure the cake is thoroughly covered and that the wrapping is airtight.
  • Double wrap the cling filmed cake in aluminium foil. The more the cake is wrapped, the less chance there is of it going dry or picking up the taste of the freezer.
  • Place the wrapped tier into a container in the freezer and leave it there until your first child’s christening or first anniversary... whichever comes first!


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