Ordering Your Wedding Cake

What to consider when ordering your cake


When ordering your wedding cake, it’s advisable to leave a minimum of two months before the wedding is due to take place. This gives the baker plenty of time to make and decorate the masterpiece you have requested without feeling rushed. Once you’ve decided what cake you want and have placed your order, write down a list of any additional requirements you have, so your baker has something to consult when he is creating your wedding cake.

It’s important to include as much as you can on the list for your baker, so there is no room for any error. You should include the following:

  • The type of cake you want. Even if you think this is obvious, write down the shape, style and type of cake you’ve ordered. No one wanted to order a circular sponge and end up with a hexagonal fruitcake.
  • How many tiers your cake should be. Note down how many tiers you want, as well as what flavor each tier should be. It’s also worth noting down if you plan to save the top tier, as then it won’t be factored into the portion count.
  • What decorations you want. Be specific if you want a certain type of flower or type of writing, particularly if you have a name you want iced that is tricky to spell. Also it is worth noting down if you have a particular cake topper, especially if it is quite big or heavy.
  • The time, date, day of the week and location of the wedding reception should be listed as well. Leave no room for confusion, especially if the baker is responsible for delivering and setting up the cake.

It may also be wise to note down how much the agreed price of the cake was, and how much of a deposit you have paid, to avoid any unwanted add-ons or an unexpected bill!


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