Get a Wedding Cake for Less

Cut down the cost of your wedding cake


A wedding cake can take up a considerable amount of your wedding budget. On average, most bakeries charge between $3 and $7 per slice. If you have a wedding party of around 100 people, this can work out very expensive.

Bearing this in mind, has put together a few cost cutting tips to make buying your wedding cake more affordable.

  • See if your caterer can provide a cake for you. This should work out much cheaper than going to an external baker, as you will save on delivery and set up charges, and if your caterer is providing all of your other wedding food, they may offer a discount.
  • Order from a home business. If you order from a home run business, you can save money on business and set up charges, which should reduce the cost of the cake.
  • Serve other desserts, as people will fill up on these and then won’t want cake. If you have more choice available then you can get away with having a small cake.
  • Have a decoy cake. Have a small but elaborate cake to cut at your reception, but keep a large white tray bake in the kitchen. Get the venue staff to cut up the tray bake and serve that. Your guests will never know the difference and you’ll save a fortune!
  • Order a plain cake and decorate it yourself. You can add fresh flowers, or get an arty friend to help you ice it. Another good idea is to add chocolate truffles and shavings for a really delicious finish.


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