Different Wedding Cake Fillings

Tempting and tasty filling ideas for your wedding cake


Long gone are the days where wedding cakes were just royal iced fruitcake, or a jam and cream sponge. There are so many flavors and fillings you can combine to make a mouthwatering creation that your guests will be talking about for weeks to come!

You can be inspired by your color scheme, or by the time of year. A fresh citrus color scheme can be matched by a tangy fruity cake, or a rich cream and bronze theme could be set off by a sumptuous chocolate wedding cake.

If you’re having a summer wedding, consider light, fresh textures and flavors. Whipped cream and sliced fruit make for a great cake filling, and fresh flavors like lemon, orange and strawberry are refreshing in the warmer months. A chocolate cake is more prone to melting, so it might not be the wisest of choices for a wedding in the hot season, but touches of white chocolate can work, as they’re not as heavy as milk or dark chocolate.

Mousse would also make quite a light and airy filling for a summer cake. Consider a vanilla sponge teamed with fresh fruit and whipped cream, or a lemon cake with a zesty lemon mousse filling. A simple sponge filled with white chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries would work for an outdoors summer wedding.

If your wedding is taking place in the cooler months of the year, you may want a more filling and warming choice of cake. Rich ingredients and toppings such as butter cream, thick royal icing or luxurious chocolate ganaché could be considered.

Consider a delicious chocolate cake with a Bailey’s Irish Cream butter cream filling, or a moist carrot cake with a creamy praline ganaché. Coating your cake in heavy royal icing will make it much more filling too.

There are lots of different fillings you can create you have the cake of your dreams, and if you’ve opted for a simple looking wedding cake, having an interesting filling is a great way to make it more exciting. If you can’t choose just one flavor, you could always have a different one for each tier!


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