Cutting the Cake

Why and how you should cut your wedding cake


Traditionally, a bride cut and distributed the wedding cake on her own, as it was believed to guarantee fertility. As cakes have grown dramatically over the years, and now tend to feature many tiers and sturdy shells of icing or chocolate, the husband was roped in to assist with pushing the knife through all that cake.

What this change in tradition has created is a wonderful photo opportunity which has a whole new meaning. The couple, after cutting the cake, should share the first slice together to guarantee a shared life of happiness and love.

Of course, the more complex your cake is, the more difficult it is to cut. We’ve provided a guide to explain how to cut the most common shaped wedding cakes, to make sure it all goes well and that there will be an evenly cut cake for you and your guests to enjoy!

If your cake is square shaped... you’re lucky, as square shaped wedding cakes are the easiest ones to cut! Its angular shape means you won’t have any tricky moments! You should start two inches in from the outer edge, and then proceed to cut across the cake. Depending on how big you want your cake slices to be, then cut across from this strip to create portions.

Cutting a circular shaped wedding cake is a little trickier. You need to start from about two inches in, and then cut a circle all the way around the diameter, staying two inches inside. Repeat this until you have reached the centre, then cut across to divide the portions. You can also cut hexagonal and petal shaped cakes this way.

To cut through a heart shaped wedding cake, you must cut the cake in half lengthwise, from the point of the heart. Then cut the halves in half, and keep doing this, length and width-wise until you have enough slices to feed everyone.

If in doubt though, just grasp the knife with your new husband and make the first slice, then let a member of your venue’s professional catering staff do the rest!


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