Baking Your Own Wedding Cake

This is a great way to save money, if you know what you are doing


If you’re looking for ways to save money when planning your wedding, it can seem like a good idea to decide to make your own wedding cake. Choosing to do this can save you hundreds of dollars, but it’s important that you know just what this will entail. We have put together a guide to make sure you make it right, and with minimum stress.

  • Ask for help. If you have a creative friend or family member, or know someone who loves to bake, get them involved. This is particularly important if you’re not that experienced in the kitchen!
  • Always use the freshest ingredients you can get in your cake. If you use butter, make sure it’s unsalted. Many people prefer to use margarine when baking, but butter can make your sponge moister.
  • Have at least one trial run. This way you can learn from your mistakes and know what to expect.
  • Rather than try to cut the sponges down to size, which can look messy and cause the cake to crumble, pour the mixture into different sized tins in the first place.
  • To check the cake is cooked, insert a knife or cake tester into the centre of the sponge. If it comes out clean, without any mixture clinging on, the cake is cooked. If you’re making cupcakes, tap the bottom. If they sound hollow, they’re done.
  • Only ice the cake once it has thoroughly cooled. Add a glaze of apricot jam to the sponge to make sure no crumbs mix in with the icing.
  • Take your time when decorating; rushing will only lead to mistakes.
  • If you’re icing any words, patterns or pictures, practice on paper with the icing pens or bags first to make sure you’ve got it right.
  • Don’t store your decorated cake in the fridge. Condensation will cause the icing to soften. Instead, store them in a cool, dry place, in special cake tins.
  • When assembling the cake, place each tier onto a cardboard support that has been cut to size. This will help hold the cake in place and stop the weight of the tiers crushing the ones below. If you want a fruit cake tier, it’s best to have it as the base as it will be considerably heavier than sponge.


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