Money Saving DIY Tips

Make your money go further by getting creative


A wedding provides a couple with the chance to celebrate their love with their family and friends. It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to plan a day that is individual to them and their relationship, from the ceremony to the favors.

A cheap and effective way to make sure your day is unique is to add some DIY touches. Homemade elements create a personal vibe and save money, which is ideal if you’re planning with a tight budget.

Creating your own wedding stationery is the perfect way to make sure your wedding is personal to you and your partner. Match the colors to your chosen color scheme, and include aspects of your theme, if you have one. You could include a photo or drawing of you and your partner, or an image of your venue location. Visit craft shops for materials and inspiration; many of them sell DIY invite kits which could help if you’re not too creative. If you print out your invites at home make sure you have enough ink and high-quality printer paper.

You can also make your own order of service, place cards, menus and seating plans to match your invites, keeping a consistent theme and saving money.

Floral arrangements can be very expensive, but if you arrange your own you will see a significant reduction in cost. If you’re not that creative and are relying on a professional florist, then opt for seasonal flowers, as it costs more to import blooms when they’re not in season. Consider minimal arrangements, enhanced with vases or candles, which will look pretty but not cost a fortune. You can also use the arrangements that you decorate your ceremony with to decorate your venue, which saves you from paying for two lots of decoration. Just make sure you assign someone to move them!

You can make your own favors or gifts for your bridesmaids; cupcakes and cookies are a cheap, easy and delicious way to say thank you, and if you ice them with names they can double up as place cards. Making something and taking the time to personalize it shows true appreciation and effort, which people will value more than generic shop-bought gifts.

Make sure you don’t take on too much though; get your groom to help you, or assign tasks for your bridesmaids to help lighten the load. Sharing saves time and money, crucial when you a planning a wedding on a budget!


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