50 Ways to Save!

50 ways to boost your budget


Getting married is an expensive business. With the average Australian bride spending just over $23,000 dollars on her wedding day, it’s no wonder more and more couples are looking for ways to boost their budget and save money.

We’ve come up with a huge budget boosting guide, filled with 50 different ideas to save money in every area of your wedding!

The Venue

1. Consider booking a weekday wedding to slash the cost of hiring your wedding venue.

2. If your heart is set on a Saturday wedding, consider a Saturday in winter, as it’ll be cheaper than a high season summer wedding.

3. Some venues charge for exclusive use — if you don’t mind sharing your day with another wedding party, this can save you money.

4. Never accept the first offer. Consider different venues, compare prices and negotiate! We have lots to compare and browse through in our venues section.

50 ways to save money

5. Bargain with your venue for extras — be brave and ask for a free night in the bridal suite thrown in! You never know what they might agree to...

6. Don’t think you have to hire a wedding planner — most venues have a dedicated wedding coordinator, or failing that, the hitched.com.au planning tools can help you out!

50 ways to save money

The Stationery

7. Print your own wedding stationery from design templates online, or with your own images.

50 ways to save money

8. Send your Save the Dates out over email, or skip them and just mail your invitations a little earlier.

9. Rather than pay for return postage, ask your guests to RSVP to a dedicated email address.

Bridal Style

10. Consider buying your wedding dress from a sample sale, wedding expo or second hand. Browse our list of wedding expos to find a bargain near you!

50 ways to save money

11. Borrow your wedding jewellery from friends and family — it’ll have more meaning than shop bought stuff.

12. Do your own wedding make-up, and follow online guides to create a professional look.

13. Rather than hire a hairdresser, go to a salon on the day and don’t say the word wedding! It’ll cut costs.

14. Do you need new shoes? Wear some of your favourites for comfort and savings! If you’re desperate to buy new shoes, just get a high street pair you could wear again.

50 ways to save money

15. Use fresh flowers in your hair, rather than pricey hair accessories.

Bridal Party

16. Let your bridesmaids wear what they want, and you can justify asking them to pay for at least a share of their outfits.

17. Browse the high street for affordable bridesmaid gowns.

50 ways to save money

18. Make your own gifts for the bridal party, rather than splash out on expensive presents.

19. Ask the groomsmen to wear suits they already own, or buy from the high street. Alternatively, see if a suit hire place will offer a discount for a bulk number of suit hires.

50 ways to save money

Wedding Flowers

20. If money’s tight, why not grow your own wedding flowers, or buy them from a flower market?

21. Consider fake flowers — they’re usually cheaper and will last forever.

22. Make your flowers go further by placing them on a mirrored base.

23. Do you really need buttonholes? Go without, or consider fabric alternatives.

24. Skip the bridesmaids’ bouquets and add a touch of 50s style with cheaper wrist corsages.

25. Re-use the flowers that decorated your ceremony room in your reception room, rather than pay for two lots.

26. Pick flowers that are in season — this will keep costs down. One of our onsite wedding florists can advise you more!


27. Have your wedding ceremony and reception all in one place, eliminating the need for costly transport!

28. Have a friend with a stylish car? Stick some ribbon on it and travel in that! Check that they’re ok with it first, of course.


29. Do you need an engagement ring? Scale down on the ring and add money to your wedding budget!

30. If an engagement ring is non-negotiable, have a long engagement to give yourself time to save.

31. Use antique rings or family jewellery as your wedding rings to save spending.


32. Ditch the traditional wedding meal for a more laid back buffet or tapas style meal.

50 ways to save money

33. Instead of serving champagne, consider champagne cocktails to make the bubbly budget a little sweeter.

50 ways to save money

34. Don’t offer a free bar — your guests won’t be horrified if they have to pay for their own drinks!

35. Serve up your wedding cake as dessert.

50 ways to save money


36. If you want a huge cake, add some artificial tiers. They’ll look super impressive and no one will know the difference. Find a wedding cake maker who can work with what you want here.

37. Order a plain iced cake and decorate it yourself with fresh flowers.

38. Cupcakes can work out cheaper than a traditional tiered cake, and can double up as favours!

50 ways to save money


39. Scour charity shops and antique stores to find wedding décor that is budget friendly.

40. Candles are very cheap and add so much to the ambience. Just make sure your venue allows them!

50 ways to save money

41. Make your own favours (sweets, biscuits etc.) and add your guests’ names so they double up as place cards.


42. Make an iPod playlist full of your favourite tunes to last the whole day.

43. If you’re desperate for live music, consider college bands or go to local music venues to scope out unsigned talent!

50 ways to save money


44. Go for a student photographer, or a professional’s most basic package, and enlist family and friends to shoot alongside them. Browse our wedding photographers to find your ideal one.

50 ways to save money

45. Order your photos on disc, and print them out yourselves. You can save money by making your own photo book too.


46. Go with a budget airline at a less popular time, to give you more money to spend on accommodation.

50 ways to save money

47. The word ‘honeymoon’ is a magic word — use it where ever you can to try and score upgrades!


48. Make the most of your gift list — if you’re asked what you want, be honest, even if it’s a contribution towards your honeymoon or a florist who you love but can’t afford! Most guests are happy to help and want to get you something you’ll love.

50 ways to save money

49. Invest in insurance. It might seem pricey at the time, but if something goes wrong, it’ll ensure you don’t lose out!

50. Make hitched.com.au your best wedding planning buddy — we never get bored of wedding chat, honestly! We have a list of special offers, a budget planner, lots of planning tools and a team that are happy to help. Swing by our forums to get opinions from the team and other brides!


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