Why Consider a Couture Wedding Dress

Couture Wedding Dresses


If your wedding budget is on the larger side and you’re looking to invest in a wedding dress that will last a lifetime, why not consider a couture wedding dress?

The word couture comes from the French word for ‘made to measure’, and when a bridalwear designer offers couture designs you can expect exquisite dresses made in-house and overseen by the designer and their talented team.

Couture wedding dresses differ from off-the-rack designs in that you are more likely to be working directly with the designer, as opposed to purchasing a dress they’ve already designed and stocked in bridal stores.

Why consider a couture wedding dress...

By opting for a couture wedding dress, you are investing in higher quality fabric, attention to detail and workmanship. You are also more in control of adding bespoke details, and getting the perfect fit for you as a couture wedding dress can be tailored to suit your shape. There may be a longer time frame in buying a bespoke, tailored dress as opposed to buying a wedding dress off the rack, so it’s best to talk to the designer you’re interested in to get an idea of how much time you should allow when buying your wedding dress.

There is a glittering selection of couture wedding dress designers across Australia who specialise in create luxurious, high end wedding dresses unlike anything else out there. Visit our couture wedding dress section on hitched.com.au to browse the stunning couture bridalwear in order to inspire you.


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