Wedding Dresses Through Time

From vintage gowns to today's dresses


Vintage is still going strong, and so many dresses are inspired by decades gone by. We’ve matched the decade to their dress trend so you can find out which style you’re most influenced by.


The 1920s are huge right now, thanks to the glamour of the Great Gatsby film. If you want to emulate 1920s style with your wedding dress, look for dropped waists and lots of fabulous embellished details.


Slinky, bias cut gowns with sleeves were popular in the 1930s, with long trains. Cascading bouquets also became popular around this time.  


Dresses became shorter in the 1940s, due to rationing limits as the effects of WWII took hold worldwide. The white dress was no longer so en vogue as many brides borrowed gowns or just wore their best dress.


As the world moved on from the war, Dior’s ‘new look’ took over. Tea length dresses became popular, with lots of lace. Sleeves were once again fashionable after falling out of favour in the 40s.


Dresses were short and swinging in the 60s! The A-line shape became popular, and in contrast to fitted 50s styles, it was fashionable to have the line of the dress flow from the shoulders, skimming over the waist and hips.


Dresses were still much less fitted, but were long and flowing. Hippies were en vogue and lots of embroidery and decoration was popular. Bell sleeves and floral decoration were popular.


The 1980s were full of flounces and frills. Princess Diana’s frothy wedding dress was an iconic bridal look in the 80s. Puff sleeves were huge (literally and in the fashion sense), and fitted bodices were once again in, with super long trains also popular.


The 90s were the decade that brought us grunge, so simple sheaths and clean lines were a popular and refreshing choice following the 80s froth. Heavy fabrics such as satin and taffeta were also popular for those wanting a fairy tale look and brides were started to experiment with coloured detailing on their dress.


Anything goes with bridal style nowadays as we borrow so much from decades gone by! Lace sleeves and more modest dress styles experienced a surge in popularity after Kate Middleton wore her iconic Alexander McQueen dress, and many vintage wedding dresses, including 1920s styles and retro tea length dresses are popular.


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