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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You’ll never have more photos taken — unless you’re a working supermodel — than you will on your wedding day, so you need to be looking and feeling your best. You can get your hair styled and buy your dream dress, but if you don’t feel fit and healthy in your own skin, it’ll show. We spoke to a range of leading fitness and nutrition experts across Australia for tips on how to feel your best on your wedding day — it’s the best wedding dress work out you could wish for!

Getting Fit

If you want to get fit for your wedding day, but aren’t in great shape, don’t worry. Everyone has to start somewhere. Blake Worrall-Thompson, personal trainer, founder of Ministry of Wellbeing and author of, explains how to get fit. The celebrity trainer suggests giving yourself 16 weeks to work out, and offers his best advice:


“Get yourself a training partner; if you are still struggling for motivation a friend to train with will make a massive difference.

“To get sexy arms, a flat stomach and toned legs you NEED to do weights. When I trained Nat Bass for her wedding it was a mixture of weights and cardio five times a week. I promise you now, after 11 years of training women I am yet to see anyone get bulky and all clients’ measurements go DOWN!

“Build it up. You can NOT do the same weights and cardio for the next 16 weeks and expect good results. For those of you who have been training for a while you’ll need to change your program every three weeks, if you are slightly newer to training you need to change your program every four weeks.

“Increase your protein intake and eat more greens. Most diets contain too much sugar, too many carbohydrates, not enough protein and not enough greens. To drop fat fast increase your protein, greens and reduce those total sugars! One of the best things you can do when you go to the supermarket and get your groceries is check the sugar content of the foods. Have a look at the label on the back (and the column that is per 100) and if it contains more than 5g/100 of sugar you want to look at alternatives. Take the time, next time you go to the supermarket to look at difference brands. You’ll only have to do it once and then you’ll know which ones are the better choices.”

Healthy Eating

Grace Bowe is the founder of Bride Body, a website devoted to getting brides super fit and healthy looking for their wedding day. They’ve devised a 100 day challenge with weekly exercise and nutrition plans delivered to the bride to get her into the best possible shape for her wedding day. Grace has three top nutrition tips to help a bride with her wedding dress work out:

“Firstly, looking good when you walk down the aisle begins with what you look at down the supermarket aisles. Only buy foods which are good for you, that means skip the confectionary aisle completely. It is so much easier to use willpower once a week and resist buying the biscuits at the supermarket than it is to fight temptation every single time you open the cupboard at home and see them there.

food choices

“Second, if you want to look good in white, don’t eat white! If you eliminate the white foods from your diet (e.g. white bread, white rice and sugar), you would be eliminating most of the processed foods from your diet and processed foods are the worst enemy of anyone wanting to lose weight for their wedding.

“Finally, feed your skin with the foods you put into your body. Every day half of your plate should be plant food — leafy greens and vegetables. Vegetables will help you lose weight, they’ll help improve your digestion and they’ll do wonders for your skin.”


Amanda Ferguson, personal trainer and founder of Blue Sky Fitness, knows that women have three common problem areas they want to conquer during their wedding dress work out. She explains the best exercises to tackle these tricky areas:

“To tackle bingo wings, do tricep dips, tricep push ups and arm pulses. An example work out is the arm pulse: stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your weight evenly spread over each leg and keep your tummy nice and tight and pelvic floors switched on. Take your arms out to the sides, keeping them nice and straight and in line with your shoulders. With your palms facing towards the sky, do small pulses and then turn your palms down to the ground and pulse some more.

“For unsightly saddlebags, you need to do squats and lunges. For an effective squat, stand with your feet hip width apart and place your hands on hips, imagining you are going to sit on a chair. Keep your knees behind your toes, with your weight on your heels. As you come out of the move, squeeze your butt cheeks together.

“Finally, to blitz a muffin top, try moves such as the plank, side plank, the bikini shoot move or the bike. For the perfect bikini shoot move, lie on your right side, in a nice straight line. From that position, roll back slightly onto the squishy part of your butt, so you are in a mini V position and put your left fingers on your left ear, with your elbow out to the side. Lifting your legs, bring your knees in towards your chest, to touch your elbow, then extend them back out, but don’t let them touch the ground. Repeat, and don’t forget the other side!”

sit ups


It’s not just your body that needs attention during your wedding dress work out. Look after your mind too so you can truly reap the benefits of your hard work! David Chamberlain, the director of David Chamberlain Fitness, explains his holistic approach:

“If you have three months to get in shape and want to lose thirty kilos, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Be realistic about what you can achieve. I encourage my clients to give themselves a little reward for each goal that they achieve — this could be a massage, a meal out or a new handbag.

“Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Aspiring to be like someone else when that person has a completely different body shape will only make you unhappy. Don’t focus too much on what the latest celebrity bride looks like — chances are, they have a full time chef, life coach and a personal trainer!

holistic therapies

“Being fit and healthy isn’t about smashing yourself day after day in a spin class or lifting heavy weights in the gym. Of course, high intensity, cardio and resistance training should be key components of your training plan but you need balance.

“I encourage all of my clients to do at least one session of yoga a week along with gentle swimming, walking outdoors and at least ten minutes of daily meditation. All of these activities help to relax your body and mind.

“Follow these tips and come your big day, you’ll look fantastic, feel confident, be mentally strong and be ready to commit to the partnership you are about to enter into.”


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