The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Finding your perfect wedding shoes...


What girl doesn’t love shoes? And getting married is a great opportunity to lift any shoe-shopping ban that your fiancé has imposed over the last few months. From sparkly stilettos to pretty pumps, there is a whole plethora of wedding shoes to choose from out there.

So where is a girl to start? Here’s a guide to finding your ultimate wedding shoe style to strut down the aisle in:

Shoes to Suit Your Wedding Venue

Whether you are having a romantic and rustic beach wedding or a lavish, luxurious harbour cruise, your chosen wedding venue will ultimately have an impact on your choice of wedding shoe. For example, there’s nothing elegant about sinking into the sand in a pair of five-inch heels, which is why bare foot sandals would be a far more sensible choice for a beachside wedding. Not to mention that they will look equally amazing on your tropical honeymoon!

Avoid the Last Minute Shoe-shopping Rush

Many brides-to-be focus so much on their wedding dress that they leave their wedding shoes until the very last minute. The best thing to do is to choose your wedding shoes at around the same time as your wedding dress as you will need to wear them both at your dress fitting to make sure that the hem of your dress is the perfect length.

Aim for All Day Comfort

Will your wedding shoes be comfortable all day long? If you are set on wearing a pair of sexy killer heals on your wedding day, it’s worth considering a raised platform style with a cushioned insole to protect your precious feet. Wedding wedge heels are also a fantastic choice as they offer the height without the awkward wobbly walk down the aisle. If comfort is key how about a pair of glitzy kitten heels, wedding-pumps, sparkly flats or if you’re feeling particularly hip, some crystal converse boots! Another option is to keep a pair of gorgeous yet extremely handy fold-up flats on standby for when you decide to ditch the stilettos and hit the dance-floor.

Love Your Shoes Forever

Unlike your wedding dress, you can still wear your wedding shoes for years to come. A good tip is to actually choose a style of shoe that you would usually wear, but with added glamour. There are some fantastic vintage style shoes, reminiscent of the days of The Great Gatsby, which could be worn as a classic cocktail party shoe at a later date.

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Custom-made Wedding Shoes

If you are looking for something really personal and special, how about a pair of custom-made wedding shoes, which you could treasure forever? Imagine a bespoke pair of wedding shoes that incorporate your wedding date, theme and even married surname into the design.

If you are struggling to stick to your wedding budget, why not create your own pair of dream wedding shoes? All you need is a cheap, plain pair of shoes of your choice, some PVA glue and lots of creativity.

You could add rhinestones or Swarovski crystals to the heel and toe area, fix a large pretty bow to the front, use shoe clips or a vintage brooch, or even cover your entire shoe in glitter to really add some disco-inspired glamour. The options are endless and you could even seek inspiration from the colours and style of your wedding flowers, wedding dress or wedding jewellery. At least you can guarantee that no other bride out there will be wearing the same wedding shoes as you! That’s enough to make any bride feel truly special.

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