How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

What to consider when finding your dream wedding dress


When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, there is so much to consider! Make sure you find the perfect wedding dress for you by reading the handy tips below...

Make Room in Your Budget

Cheap wedding dresses can be hard to come by. If you want an elegant, well-made wedding dress with lots of stunning detail, you need to budget for it. Check out designers you like to figure out the price range you’re looking at, and remember to factor in the cost of any alterations you may need too.

Consider Your Body Shape

You may have always had your heart set on a certain type of wedding dress, but you need to factor in how it will look on your body. Consider which areas you want to make the most of, and which ones you want to mask. If you explain these to the bridal shop staff they can help you find the perfect match! Also consider the underwear you’ll be wearing and if you want to wear any shape wear.

How to choose your wedding dress

Match Your Bridesmaids

It’s important to coordinate your wedding dress with the rest of your bridal party. Pick out bridesmaid dresses that subtly match details on your wedding gown, and consider the colours and style when dressing the groomsmen too.

How to choose your dream wedding dress

Don’t Wait Around

You might want to play it cool, but it pays to be eager when choosing your wedding dress. Give yourself at least a year if possible to find your dress, as this gives you some time to spare if you struggle to find the perfect one, or need alterations.

Keep it Simple

When shopping for your wedding dress, don’t bring a crowd. Stick to one or two people you really trust, such as your mum and maid of honor. Too many different opinions could stress you out and cloud your judgement!

How to choose your dream wedding dress

Think About Your Venue

Finally, consider where you are getting married. A fabulously extravagant ball gown wedding dress might not work at your relaxed beach wedding. If you’ve got a grand stately manor, will a skimpy tea length wedding dress be dwarfed by your surroundings?

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