How to Buy Your Wedding Dress

Tips on Buying Your Wedding Dress


Buying your wedding dress is an exciting part of wedding planning, but it can also be quite daunting. We spoke to Sebastian Lee, Director at Eternal Bridal (in Sydney and Melbourne), to get his top tips and advice on how to choose the perfect wedding dress for you...

How to Buy Your Wedding Dress

Be Flexible

Focus your approach, but be flexible. More often than not too many brides have a set idea of what they would like to look like, then struggle when that silhouette/fabric/style doesn’t make them look their best. Do your research, but remain open-minded.

Consider Coordination

Remember that whilst your dress is important, it is part of the overall look of you and your husband as a couple, your bridal party, and your ceremony as a whole. Consider what you want your wedding to be like, and focus on styles that will emphasise this to avoid your dress looking out of place.

How to Buy Your Wedding Dress

Be Practical

Stick to dresses that you are happy to be in all day and suit the terrain of your wedding. For instance, whilst some brides are happy to wear a satin ball gown to their beach ceremony, others may not be so willing. Think about how practical you want to be, as this will help your further focus your search.

Remember Your Budget

Set a number and stick to it. Remember that alterations are generally an additional cost, as are veils and other accessories. DO NOT try on dresses that are too expensive — it is always heart-breaking to see brides who have fallen in love with a dress they simply can’t afford to buy.

How to Buy Your Wedding Dress

Be Aware of Time

Don’t leave it too late! Remember that wedding dresses can take more than six months to arrive from the time of ordering — and you can’t order until you’ve made a decision. Start shopping with enough time to be thorough to allow you to comfortably order a dress.

Pick Your Entourage

Consider before you begin shopping how you want to include the important people in your life. Who will you bring? Do you need their opinion initially or at the end? Would a negative opinion from someone prevent you from purchasing? Whilst it’s okay to be influenced by the opinions of your friends and family, decide beforehand how much sway you want them to have — this will help you remain true to yourself when it comes down to making a decision.

Get lots of wedding dress inspiration by visiting our bridalwear section, before you take your search to the shops!


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