Couture, Bespoke or Off the Rack Wedding Dress?

Which type of wedding dress is right for you?


When you’re shopping for the perfect wedding dress, all the terminology can get confusing. We’ve put together a guide to wedding dresses that explains the difference between couture wedding dresses, bespoke wedding dresses and off-the-rack wedding dresses...

Couture Wedding Dresses

Typically, couture wedding dresses are created and overseen by the designer or their select team, as opposed to being factory produced. Whilst off-the-rack bridalwear is designed by the designer and their team, it isn’t usually made in house. When you purchase a couture wedding dress, you tend to be buying a design thought up by the designer, which is then tailored to fit you and altered to suit your tastes. Couture wedding dresses are made from the finest possible fabrics and are luxurious examples of high quality workmanship.

Visit our couture wedding dress section to browse couture bridalwear available in Australia.

Couture wedding dresses

Bespoke Wedding Dresses

A bespoke wedding dress is made to suit your needs and style. You will work with the designer to put together your dream dress, and then they will create it to suit you. A couture wedding dress will have a high price point, but bespoke wedding dress pricing can vary depending on the designer and your requirements. Bridalwear brands such as House of Mooshki (their Holly dress is picture below) pride themselves on their incredible bespoke wedding dress service.

Bespoke wedding dress - House of Mooshki

Off the Rack Wedding Dresses

Buying your wedding dress off the rack is the most common way to purchase a wedding dress. Rather than having to go directly to the designer, you can visit a number of bridalwear shops and try on a range of dresses by different bridalwear brands. Off the rack wedding dresses tend to closely follow the fashion for the season, and you’ll regularly find new designs to try. These wedding dresses tend to have a lower price point than bespoke or couture wedding dresses, and can still be made unique by having alterations done, either at the bridalwear store or by a dress maker.

Should you consider a couture, bespoke or off the rack wedding dress?

Browse the full collection of wedding dresses in our wedding dress section.

Whatever style of wedding dress you decide to buy, whether it’s couture, bespoke or off-the-rack, there’s plenty of inspiration to suit every budget and style in the bridalwear section.


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