An Interview with Adam Dixon

We interview couture dress designer Adam Dixon


Adam Dixon is a bridalwear brand synonymous with luxury, decadence and vintage glamour. As part of our Bespoke Issue, we caught up with the Sydney based couture wedding dress designer to find out what inspires him, how the process of designing a bespoke wedding dress works and what’s next for the Adam Dixon brand...

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Tell us a bit about the Adam Dixon bridalwear brand...

My label Adam Dixon started soon after college. My childhood dream was to become a fashion designer; my earliest memories are of looking at old photographs of my glamorous mother in designs created by my talented grandmother. I was infatuated by how beautiful fabric could take the normal woman I saw day to day into some elegant goddess.

Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to creating your gorgeous designs?

Old world glamour and modern simplicity.

An Interview with Adam Dixon

If a bride comes to you wanting a custom couture wedding dress, what is the design process like?

When a bride decides to work with me I start to draw a design from the first conversations. I use my sample range to try and get an idea of what the bride likes and use swatches of lace and silk. A bride comes to my design house because she likes my style and I will not change from what I believe to be my true self.

Initially the piece is created out of toile which is a rough material and allows for any alterations to be created. All lace and beading is hand stitched. I work to advice on figure and form so to highlight best points for the perfect fit and finish.

The process normally takes about 5 fittings with me. Style and finesse are key though so I’ll take however long it takes to get the dress perfect!

Your collection is heavily inspired by the glamour of the 1930s — what is it about this decade that appeals to you?

Brides today are definitely moving towards vintage glamour when it comes to wedding dresses. What I love about this era is the beautiful fabrics that drape over the body and look elegant, seductive and offer amazing femininity to anyone who wears them.

An Interview with Adam Dixon

Who is the most famous person you’ve dressed?

I designed Catriona Rowntree’s wedding dress for her 2008 wedding to James Pettit.

Any celebrities you’d particularly like to create a gown for?

Cate Blanchett. I always find her to be very demure and elegant.

What dress trends do you think will be big for 2015?

Less embellishments, understated sophisticated tailoring.

Finally — what’s next for the Adam Dixon brand?

I’m designing a new mother of the bride range and I have also set up a new gift list range which is aimed at couples who have everything and want luxurious items that they wouldn’t normally purchase themselves.

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