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Laser tattoo removal for your wedding


Whilst some brides rock the tattooed look, others may regret their choice of ink as the big day approaches. If you’re considering laser tattoo removal for your wedding day, you’re not alone. We spoke to Mandy and Dani from First Impressions Laser Clinic to find out more about having your tattoo removed for your wedding...

Does laser removal hurt?

Most clients say it is ‘uncomfortable’ or it is on par with getting a tattoo, it differs from person to person. There is always the option of applying Emla, which is a numbing cream that can be purchased at any chemist and applied an hour prior to treatment.

How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

There are many variables which influence the amount of treatments it will take to remove a tattoo completely, i.e. health of the client, ink saturation, tattoo location on body, age of tattoo and where the tattoo was done. We never give an exact estimation of sessions and will usually err on the side of caution but in most cases we are able to remove the tattoo completely within six treatments — this is under half the sessions that it takes the Q-Switch or NG Yag lasers which are used in the majority of high end laser clinics.

Will it be obvious I’ve had it done?

The tattoo will fade gradually over the treatment period and we have never treated a tattoo that we have not been able to remove completely.

How long will it take before my tattoo is gone?

Each treatment is six weeks apart, so if the client responds well it can be gone within 12 months if not less.

Do many brides come to you for this kind of treatment ahead of their wedding?

As this is new technology we are only now receiving exposure to the wedding industry but have had a few ‘brides to be’ through, unfortunately they are particularly private or we would have love to have shared their full stories, but we’ve one who has a skull on her upper arm, she is having a partial removal so she can have an alternative, prettier design of roses tattooed in its stead, another has had seven treatments at another clinic but is not happy with the progress she will finalise her treatments with us to ensure she has clear beautiful skin for her big day and the third decided to remove her tattoo with only three months before the wedding — so she is hoping to accomplish a good amount of clearance to make covering the tattoo with make-up more successful.

Laser tattoo removal for brides

British pop star Cher Lloyd proudly displayed her tattoos on her wedding day — but some brides would prefer not to have them on display. Image source:

Why would you recommend laser removal to a bride who doesn’t want her tattoos in her wedding photographs?

Brides have very few options if they do not want a ‘tattoo regret’ to be visible in wedding photos — they can design their gown to cover their tattoo or they can try and cover the tattoo with make-up which is usually unsuccessful as it gives the area a bruised look in photos.

Tattoo regret should not overshadow a bride’s big day, tattoo removal with First Impressions Laser Clinic ensures you are being treated with the PicoSure laser, utilising picosecond technology — this promises tattoo removal in half the time of any other laser on the market ensuring the bride to be has beautiful clear skin.

What other services do you offer?

First Impressions also offer:

  • Facial Revitalisation, this laser treatment only takes moments and has no down time but the results are amazing — pores are refined, fine wrinkles melt away, heavy deeper creases are lessened and age/sun spots and discoloration from sun damage literally fade away.
  • Hand & Décolletage Revitalisation — much the same as facial revitalisation, your hands or/and décolletage will appear years younger, eliminating damage done by day to day sun exposure.
  • Acne Scar treatments — Our acne scarring treatments have astounding results, where usually pitted, bruised and scared skin appears smooth and clear.

We are also able to treat ‘Cafe Latte’ birth marks, sun spots and age spots on all areas of the body.

Brides may also be thinking ahead to their honeymoon — wanting to wake each morning looking glamorous without having to pop off to the bathroom to apply a little lip gloss or eyeliner, or the thought of a beach/pool honeymoon is somewhat daunting with the thought of mascara and eyeliner causing ‘panda eyes’. We also offer permanent make-up, this is not unlike having your make-up tattooed on, we can achieve results that are subtle and natural and just assist individuals by highlighting your features or we can go bold and beautiful to give our clients the look that they have always taken the time to apply make-up.

Permanent Make-up includes:

  • Feather Touch Brow — hair strokes placed within the clients own brows, a very natural but manicured look.
  • Block/Powder — the illusion that the wearer has pencilled in eyebrows
  • Upper and Lower Eyeliner
  • Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement
  • Lip-Liner
  • Liner & Blend
  • Full Lip

The tattoo is done during a one to two hour initial appointment, we then have you back for a top-up appointment four weeks later, this is to ensure the tattoo has healed evenly and refill any areas that may have lightened too much during healing. Then to keep the make-up looking fresh we recommend an annual visit.

All of our treatments and results differ client to client and we will endeavour to give you the most accurate expectations for treatment results during your initial, complimentary consultation.

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