Grooming Your Groom

Ensure that your husband-to-be looks good on your big day


More and more men are becoming aware of their image, and are surprisingly enjoying personal grooming. If your husband-to-be isn’t so image-conscious, then now is the time to encourage him.

Introduce him to a skin care regime (tread with caution though, you don’t want to overwhelm him), so he can avoid breakouts or dry skin on his wedding day. Get him into exfoliating, to revive tired skin, and moisturizing after he shaves. A post-shave balm is a good ‘manly’ way to introduce a man to regular moisturizing. If he resists, tell him his favorite male idol uses the product in question…that should encourage him a bit.

If your partner is a big fan of the bed head look, try suggesting a more groomed hairstyle a few weeks before your wedding, so he has time to adjust and get used to the idea. Go for any major haircuts a couple of weeks before so they don’t look too drastic, and just trim the neck and hairline the day before the wedding. Using a small amount of hair wax will make hair manageable and will hold a style without it looking too greasy or over done. If your man is wearing a top hat, get him to take some hair products with him so he can revive his ‘do if he gets a bad case of hat-hair!

A good barber should be able to provide an excellent shave the day before the wedding, but if your fiancé is the type of man to get 5 o’clock shadow by 11am, he may have to do the job himself on the morning of the wedding. Make sure he owns a decent razor or electric shaver to minimize the risk of cutting himself, and that he uses a shaving foam he’s used to, to avoid any last minute reactions. Soaking his face in hot water will help as it opens the pores, which will make shaving smoother. Just make sure he’s not in his wedding suit when he does this!

If you’re worried that his skin may appear a bit shiny in wedding photos, you could suggest wearing a small about of transparent powder, to absorb any excess moisture. However, if he is not keen on wearing makeup, then invest in some blotting tissues which he can wipe across his face during the day. If you get makeup friendly ones, you can use them too!

Hopefully your husband will be smiling throughout the day, and therefore will be flashing his teeth. If they’re less than white, invest in a good whitening toothpaste about a month before the wedding and get him to use it at least twice a day, morning and night, but also after drinking red wine, coffee or any other food that might stain teeth.

Once you’ve taught him how to moisturize and exfoliate, and have tamed his tresses and polished his pearly whites, he’ll be ready to look the part on your big day! Who knows, he may even keep up his new routine... Get more ideas on how to smarten up your groom.


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