DIY Rustic Floral Crown

Make your own floral crown


For effortless rustic wedding style, you need a floral hair crown! We spoke to Central Coast florist Emma, from Emma’s Floral Designs, to get a step-by-step guide for making your own floral hair crown...

“Right now a lot of brides are opting for a rustic themed wedding,” Emma explains, “and many of them are forgoing the traditional veil in favour of a rustic floral crown. You can use plenty of different flowers to create the rustic look, including roses, lisianthus, poppies, baby’s breath, dusty miller and more.”

DIY Rustic Floral Crown

To create your DIY floral hair crown, you will need:

heart bullet point  A selection of flowers (with the stems cut down to three inches)
heart bullet point  Two pieces of 16 gauge florist wire
•  Green florist tape
•  Scissors

Step One

Measure the size of your head. You can do this by wrapping the two pieces of wire around your head and securing the overlapping pieces with the florist tape to form a circle.

DIY Rustic Floral Crown

Step Two

Cluster together the flowers into small groups and bind them with the florist tape. It’s suggested you would need 10 to 15 clusters depending on the size of your crown.

Step Three

Fix the clusters of flowers to the wire, overlapping them to hide the stems. Add them in the same direction and keep going until the circle is complete.

DIY Rustic Floral Crown


The best way to wear these crowns is with your hair down and slightly wavy — channel a romantic, boho look!

To keep your flowers fresh, seal them in a sandwich bag in the fridge. Keep them away from fruit and veg though to avoid the petals browning.


DIY Rustic Floral Crown

For more wedding hair inspiration and ideas, make sure you visit our wedding hair inspiration gallery.


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