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Picking the right civil marriage celebrant is a crucial part of wedding planning. Find a wedding celebrant who suits you and offers the style of wedding you want.

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About Civil Marriage Celebrants

You need to pick a civil marriage celebrant that will match your personalities and style of wedding. Make sure to meet with your wedding celebrant to ensure you get along with them and that they understand what you want from your wedding ceremony. Wedding celebrants can help you tailor your wedding ceremony to make it more personal, from leading you when you say personalised vows to reading a favourite passage or poem as part of the ceremony. Ask your civil marriage celebrant for ideas on how to make your wedding more unique.

Your civil marriage celebrant can also give an introduction to your wedding ceremony – this is useful if you want to implement a no-photos rule, or have social media rules for your wedding – whether they include a dedicated hashtag or an unplugged rule.