Sherina & Guillermo's Real Wedding

Sherina & Guillermo's Real Wedding - The Special Touches

The Special Touches

Although the wedding was organised quickly, there were lots of personal and special twists put on it. Sherina and Guillermo bought a beautiful white chocolate wedding cake with cascading ruffles but they also provided a detailed desert table with personalised candy wrappers and pretty decoration.

The guests were invited to take sweets as a thank you for being there. For fun the couple made personalised photo booth details but added to the wonderful memories being made. Sherina’s advice to other brides is to have fun and celebrate marrying the love of your life because that’s what it’s all about!

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Sherina & Guillermo-The Bride and Groom
Sherina & Guillermo-The Proposal
Sherina & Guillermo-A Surprise Wedding
Sherina & Guillermo-The Ball Gown Wedding Dress
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Sherina & Guillermo-The Special Touches
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Sherina & Guillermo's Real Wedding on 17 Jan 2015

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Photography by:  PhotoVita

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