Santina & Tim's Real Wedding

Santina and Tim had a black, white and bling themed wedding on the beautiful and secluded Island Hideaway. The couple were engaged for three years, allowing their young son to be old enough to enjoy the day with them and their 54 guests. 

Tim & Santina-The Newlyweds

Tim and Santina first met on October 2nd 2008 at a mutual friend’s house. The couple hit it off straight away, and their adorable son Jaxon was born on the 1st October 2010. Tim proposed to Santina the day after their son was born, on their second anniversary.

The romantic groom presented the mother of his child with flowers and went down on bended knee. It was the perfect proposal and really emphasised that they were now a family. Santina’s engagement ring featured an incredible 25 diamonds making it super sparkly.

The couple married on the 2nd October 2013, their fifth anniversary. It was the perfect amount of time as it allowed them to plan their dream wedding, whilst letting their son grow up enough to be able to enjoy his parents’ special day. 

Tim & Santina's Wedding on 02 Oct 2013

Photography by: Mr and Mrs Smith Photography

Wedding venue: An Island Hideaway

Tim & Santina's supplier list

Photography by:  Mr and Mrs Smith Photography

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