Rebecca & David's Real Wedding

Rebecca and David met when she needed a mirror when setting up her salon. After six months, David asked her out by leaving a note in her mailbox. Marriage was discussed and they decided they didn’t want to wait and planned their beautiful wedding in just 12 weeks!

David & Rebecca-David and Rebecca

“You’ll never meet the one sitting at home!” Rebecca’s friends would say, and they turned out to be right, as Rebecca found David in the local paper, whilst looking for a mirror for her salon. After six months, David plucked up the courage to ask Rebecca out by leaving a letter for her in her mailbox! The rest was history…

After some time together, Rebecca noticed that when people asked when they’d be getting married, David would answer with ‘soon’. He also told his parents when they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary that they would be married that year…A few weeks later Rebecca’s dad called her and told her David had been round to ask a pretty important question, and he’d said yes. He wanted to check he’d answered correctly!

He had, and within 12 weeks Rebecca and David were saying their vows in a beautiful wedding, surrounded by their loved ones.

David & Rebecca's Wedding on 18 May 2013

Photography by: Mike Bell Photography

Wedding venue: Beach Suites

David & Rebecca's supplier list

Photography by:  Mike Bell Photography

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