Penny & Dave's Real Wedding

Penny & Dave's Real Wedding - The Proposal

The Proposal

It was a pitch-black moonless night on Vieques, a remote jungle island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Penny and Dave were paddling kayaks across Mosquito Bay, the world’s most spellbinding Bioluminescent Bay, populated by phosphorescent micro-organisms that flash a blueish light when stirred. The darkness swallowed their tour guide whole! His splashes and hollers up ahead became Penny and Dave’s aural signposts, soon diminishing in prominence as their minds swelled with excitement and wonder. Every dip and row of the paddle set the ocean blushing peacock blue. The glow was so intense they could have read a book at midnight. Their kayaks rode glowing ripples of crushed sapphires and fish zipped beneath the surface with supernatural darts of light. But the real magic happened when Penny and Dave ditched the boats and immersed their bodies into a liquid Aurora Borealis. Dave whisked his arms and legs into a twinkling whirlpool and Penny’s wet hair was dripping with diamonds as their guide urged, “Make a wish … these are magical waters …” Penny warns, this is where the story gets soppy! At that moment Dave whispered to Penny, “You know what my wish is?... For you to be my Wife.” Dave then pulled out a zip-lock bag from his boardshorts. Penny realised this was actually the moment, and was so surprised, saying yes to marrying the love of her life!

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Penny & Dave-The Proposal
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Penny & Dave's Real Wedding on 14 May 2011

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