Nikki & Tauseef's Real Wedding

Nikki & Tauseef's Real Wedding - The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

As they worked on the same team, Nikki and Tauseef kept their relationship secret for a whole seven months, before Tauseef left the company and they could go public. Not working together was different, but the couple soon moved in together so they could keep spending lots of time together.

After five years together Tauseef surprised Nikki with a romantic proposal whilst they were on holiday in Thailand. They enjoyed dinner on the beach, before buying a paper lantern to release into the sky. At sunrise, they headed to the top balcony of their hotel to watch the sun come up and release the lantern. However, it’s not as easy as it looks and after a lot of fiddling, Tauseef gave up on the lantern and got down on one knee.

Nikki was stunned, but happily accepted. They finally lit the lantern, but it caught fire – they ran away and focused on choosing the perfect ring instead!

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Nikki & Tauseef-The Happy Couple
Nikki & Tauseef-Bridal Beauty
Nikki & Tauseef-The Bride and Bridesmaids
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Nikki & Tauseef's Real Wedding on 22 Nov 2013

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Photography by:  Sarah Christensen Photography

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