Jess & Phil's Real Wedding

Jess and Phil's Spring chic wedding perfectly combined nature and style!

Phil & Jess-The Happy Couple

For Jess and Phil it was only a matter of time before their paths would cross. Although they are both from Australasia, different dreams had brought them individually to London to celebrate the Summer with legendry house parties, some incredible friends and a lot of Sunday drinking sessions. It was at one of these infamous parties the pair first met through a wide net of mutual friends, from there the seed of love had been firmly planted in both of their hearts but it wasn’t until a few mutual gatherings later that hours of talking eventually lead to a first kiss. In the November of 2014 both Jess and Phil were invited to a wedding in Perth, deciding to take a look at the beautiful South Coast the time was just perfect for Phil to drop a knee on the white sand and make Jess very happy!

Phil & Jess's Wedding on 09 Jan 2015

Photography by: Epic Photography & Video

Wedding venue: Church364

Phil & Jess's supplier list

Photography by:  Epic Photography & Video

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