Jade & Brook's Real Wedding

Jade and Brook met through a mutual friend, and just under a year after they first met, they realised they could be more than just friends. Romance blossomed, and just over a year together the couple started planning their dream wedding, full of colour and personality. 

Brook & Jade-The Bride and Groom

Jade and Brook first met at the Currumbin Alley, so a year after they got together, Brook persuaded Jade to go back there, to the lookout which overlooks it.

Jade’s first thought when she saw the stairs was ‘you have got to be kidding me!’ But she climbed them anyway. After pausing at the top to catch her breath, she turned around and saw Brook down on one knee holding out a ring box.

Jade originally requested a simple ring, but after admiring other rings in jewellery stores just before her birthday Brook surprised her with another ring! The couple spent five years planning the perfect wedding.  

Brook & Jade's Wedding on 30 Aug 2013

Photography by: Cheri Moree Photography

Wedding venue: At Home

Brook & Jade's supplier list

Photography by:  Cheri Moree Photography

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