Amanda & James's Real Wedding

Amanda and James held their wedding at Amore Gardens in the Currumbin Valley in Queensland.

James & Amanda-The Newlyweds

Amanda and James met when Amanda was in year 7, trying out for the High School Band.  James was going out with Amanda’s sister at the time, but they soon realised they were just friends and it wasn't working.  The following year when Amanda started at high school she befriended some similar friends to him in the band, and they all hung out once or twice together on occasion. James soon asked Amanda out while bike riding with some friends.  That same day he kissed her and it was her first kiss.  Between then and the next 2 years, Amanda and James dated on and off until Amanda had to move to Sydney in 2003 and they sadly lost contact.  In 2007, Amanda moved back to Queensland and was invited to a friend’s victory party, where she saw James there at the same party! Soon enough, James called Amanda and they started dating again.  In November 2009 James woke Amanda up in the middle of the night and asked her to marry him.  She quickly replied "Are you serious?" and he laughed.  He got out of bed, rummaged through the wardrobe and got down on one knee beside the bed and asked again.  As Amanda shed tears of joy she said yes, agreeing to marry her High School Sweetheart.

James & Amanda's Wedding on 02 Jul 2011

Wedding venue: Amore Gardens


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