Amanda & David's Real Wedding

Amanda and David first met when they were both at high school, where she was in the grade above him. He turned out to be her best friend’s younger brother too! Although they had crushes on each other, nothing happened until years later…

David & Amanda-The Newlyweds

Even though they were both interested in each other, nothing ever happened as it was never the right time. After they left school they lost touch, but when Amanda set her best friend Lauren up with best friend Michael (David’s brother), and they got married, Amanda and David were reunited in the form of best man and chief bridesmaid. They even shared a dance at the wedding!

Two years went by and after chatting on Facebook, they decided to meet up, and that was it! It took a while for them to admit it, but Amanda and David were finally together.

After eight months, David hinted to Amanda that a surprise was coming her way.  One Tuesday night they went for a moonlit walk on the beach at Bribie Island. Amanda thought that was the surprise, so she was stunned when he got down on one knee. She gladly accepted the proposal and they spent two years planning their wedding!

David & Amanda's Wedding on 02 Apr 2012

Photography by: Moffatt Photography

Wedding venue: Cloudland

David & Amanda's supplier list

Photography by:  Moffatt Photography

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