Hitched Roles

Welcome to Hitched roles. For your wedding to be a complete success, everyone involved must contribute and have a good understanding of the roles that they are expected to play.

As a guide we have put together an outline of the key responsibilities of each role that are carried out at a traditional wedding. Obviously this is your wedding, so you may wish to makes some changes to these activities depending on your own circumstances and personal preferences.

The Best Man

To make sure that the wedding runs smoothly, it is tradition that the best man and the chief bridesmaid maintain a good level of communication. Although the best man has no particular status in arranging the engagement party, the stag night or the wedding day, it is common for him to assist with general tasks e.g. deliveries or pickups. With regards to the stag night, it is also becoming increasingly popular for the best man to take on the duty of organising this, so that he can throw in a few suprises! >> More

The Ushers

The groom and the best man select the ushers, who are traditionally brothers, close relatives or close mates of the bride and groom. As a rough guide, one usher for every 50 guests is suggested. The ushers are traditionally under the wing of the best man, and are made aware of their responsibilities as ushers of the wedding. >> More

Maid of Honor

The chief bridesmaid is commonly the sister of the bride or one of her close mates. However if the bride is a widow, or the selected chief bridesmaid has been married herself, then her title changes to 'Matron of Honour'. She will liaise closely with the bride, assisting with all of the arrangements of the wedding. She will also be responsible for looking after the bridesmaids, flower girl and pageboys. >> More


A bridesmaid is traditionally the sister of the bride or a close mate. Older bridesmaids may assist with the selecting of the dress and help with the preparations of the wedding, liaising closely with the chief bridesmaid and bride. Younger bridesmaids are not expected to have an active role in the planning process, however their mothers may choose to assist instead. >> More