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President Hugo Chavez and oil politics are likely some of the first things to come to mind when you think of the South American nation of Venezuela. But Venezuela is fascinating country with so much more on display. From wetlands to beaches to jungles and mountains, the unique and varied landscape is a wonder in itself. Known for its delicious fresh seafood dishes and active nightlife, a honeymoon in Venezuela offers an endless selection of entertainment options. Many unique animal species are native to Venezuela, including the Boto river dolphin, jaguar, giant anteater and capybara. Head out on an exploratory adventure or just lie back on the beach – either way you will end your honeymoon in Venezuela on a satisfied note.
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Venezuela Overview

Cultural activities abound, and a honeymoon in Venezuela can only be enriched with the many opera, ballet, theatre and classical music events available. A high paced night out, with dancing and live music, or a leisurely sunset stroll are both options as well. You won’t run out of choices on your honeymoon in Venezuela. Caracas, the capital, has earned a reputation due to its high crime rate, but there are many other areas of the country to explore as well. And, with a little extra consideration for common safety measures, a honeymoon in Venezuela will prove to be more than memorable.

Take a look into the following activities to make your honeymoon in Venezuela extra special:
- Southwest of Lake Maracaibo, at the Cienagas del Catatumbo National Park, you can watch lightning flash across the sky, but what you won’t find is thunder! This natural phenomenon occurs year round.
- Running 12.6 km from Merida to the summit of Pico Espejo is the world’s longest and highest cable car. From an altitude of 4 765 meters, you’ll be hard pressed to find views like this anywhere else.
- Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world, and from June to November you’ll have the chance to visit them by motorized canoe. The trip takes two days and is well worth the effort.

Key Facts for Venezuela

Currency: Bolivar

Capital: Caracas

Language: Spanish

Flight time: 18 hours from Sydney

When to Honeymoon in Venezuela

When to go:
Venezuela’s climate is as variable as its landscape. In low lying areas temperatures are hot and weather is tropical, but higher up the air is cool and fresh. What you need to pack for your honeymoon in Venezuela will depend on your choice of activities, and the areas you plan to visit. Be sure to remember that the rainy season runs from May through December, and some light rain gear will be useful during this time. The average temperature in the lowlands is 28 degrees Celsius, and you can expect lows of 8 degrees up in the mountains.

Flight Information:
From Sydney you can catch a Qantas flight which will connect you to a Delta Airlines flight en route to take you to your final destination. You can be in Caracas, Venezuela in just over 25 hours.


Travel Documents
Newlyweds from Australia will be given a tourist entry card free of charge at the airport check-in desk before leaving for their honeymoon in Venezuela, and will be permitted to stay for up to 90 days. Passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of departure. The Simon Bolivar International Airport is located approximately 20 km outside of Caracas, and upon arrival a taxi will take you into the capital. Alternatively, you may choose to book a domestic flight to a different final destination, or hire a rental car. Public transportation within city limits is available in the form of buses, taxis, and - in Caracas – a metro system.

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Getting Married in Venezuela

If you're looking for a country in which to get married that is rich in culture and history and has some of the most amazing scenery in the world, then you might like to consider Venezuela. Whether you want to get married on as Caribbean beach or in the foothills of the Andean peaks, this tropical country can turn your dreams into reality. With a myriad of venues, all with spectacular views, at which to hold your reception, weddings abroad in Venezuela offer tremendous versatility.

Marriage Requirements


In order to get married in Venezuela a couple have to comply with the country's Civil Code. However, once the paperwork is in order there is no waiting period and couples are free to marry as soon as they like. Documents needed are passports with at least 6 month's validity remaining, birth certificates, a certificate of marital status and divorce or death certificates if applicable. Visas will also be necessary. The birth certificates and certificates of marital status must be legalised by a Venezuelan consulate. For more information visit  http://tramites.embavenez-us.org/preguntas/36/english-requirements-for-alien-to-get-married-in-venezuela

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