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Located in the sunny state of California, on the western coast of the United States, San Francisco is an international city with a high standard of living. Recent graduates and professional from across the globe are attracted to the city for precisely those reasons. For gorgeous scenery and a wide variety of night time entertainment choices, a honeymoon in San Francisco is perfect. The neighbourhoods of San Francisco combine restaurants, businesses and other venues, and are known for being pedestrian friendly and catering to both the local residents and tourists. The absolute most popular destination for gay tourists worldwide, and home to the oldest and most elaborate gay pride parade ever, San Francisco is known for its liberal views. A honeymoon in San Francisco will never fail to shock and awe!
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San Francisco Overview

A honeymoon in San Francisco comes with an unbelievable variety of choices. Do you like art? Then you’ll be right at home wandering through the many museums, art galleries and theatres. Is it the outdoors you crave? Well then, how about a hike through the hills or a tour of the old Victorian architecture? As one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, there are many opportunities for visitors in San Francisco. Your honeymoon in San Francisco will be just what you want it to be, and the locals will be waiting to welcome you!

Your honeymoon in San Francisco won’t be complete until you’ve at least contemplated trying the following activities.
- Tour Alcatraz. This is possibly the most well known landmark in the area. Need I say more?
- Take a meal to go on the Napa Valley Wine Train. Enjoy breathtaking scenery, a delicious seasonal menu and rare wines while chugging along through the countryside.
- Not to be visited alone, the Winchester Mystery House is located an hour outside of San Francisco. Full of strange items, architectural absurdities and rumours of ghosts, you’ll be talking about it for hours afterward.

Key Facts for San Francisco

Currency: U.S Dollar

Language: English

Flight time: 15 hours from Sydney

When to Honeymoon in San Francisco

When to go:
San Francisco’s winters are wet and mild, while the summers are pleasantly warm. Temperatures don’t fluctuate much from season to season, as they are regulated by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius can be expected throughout the year, though summers are typically foggy and windy. The city experiences rain 67 days of each year, and you would do well to plan your honeymoon in San Francisco for the fall, which is the warmest and driest time of year.

Flight Information:
Qantas operate flights from Sydney to San Francisco. Flying time is around 18 hours with one stop en route.

US Dollar

Travel Documents
Australian couples on their way to a honeymoon in San Francisco do not need a visa. A valid passport is required in order to enter the United States, and with a visa waiver you may remain for up to 90 days as a tourist. The waiver must be applied for at least 72 hours prior to departure, otherwise you will not be permitted to fly – so don’t forget! The application doesn’t take long to complete, and can be completed free of charge at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov. Ensuring that your application is complete well in advance will guarantee a smooth start to your honeymoon in San Francisco.

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Getting Married in San Francisco

If you have never thought of San Francisco as a great place to base your wedding, then you may want to think again. If it's conventional you're after then why not check out the plethora of churches and swanky hotels that adorn the city. The Sheraton Palace and the Grand Hyatt give a little five star luxury to your wedding service. The City Hall is very popular with its splendid white dome. If you want to say your vows in a cathedral, you can do that too. Grace Cathedral sits on top of Nob Hill and offers a stunning venue for any wedding ceremony. Finally if you want something a little out of the ordinary, then the Vista point on the Golden Gate Bridge is always going to be special. For something completely wacky, why not tie the knot at the infamous Alcatraz prison. Whatever you decide, weddings abroad in San Francisco can make your day very special.

Marriage Requirements

San Francisco

To obtain your licence you will need to pay a visit to the county clerks office located in the city. Both people need to be present and the documentation you are going to need is a birth certificate for proof of age and a valid photo ID such as a driver's licence or a passport . The cost will be $95 and this is valid immediately, so there is no waiting period. The Licence however is null and void after 90 days. For further information visit http://bit.ly/oQ5M5y

San Francisco honeymoon advice

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