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A honeymoon in Mexico will prove to be rich in cultural possibilities and history, next to offering various opportunities for lounging on the beach or at the pool. Mexico is the United State’s only southern neighbour, nestled in between the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean. It is home to the largest Spanish speaking population in the world. With strong Meso-American and Iberian influences, the present day culture of Mexico is truly unique and fascinating. The history which you uncover on your honeymoon in Mexico will leave you awestruck. The colonial period that followed the landing of the Spanish also contributed greatly to many Mexican cultural traditions.
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Mexico Overview

Mexico has no shortage of sites to see. A visit to the capital city should always be included on a honeymoon to Mexico. It is the seat of government and the cultural heart of the country, despite its characteristic traffic jams and smog. Museums abound, with the National Museum of Anthropology, the Templo Mayor Museum, the National Art Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art being only some of the choices. A UNESCO world heritage site, the historic centre of Mexico City shouldn’t be missed on your honeymoon in Mexico either.

With too many options to choose from during your honeymoon in Mexico, some of the most important attractions are listed here.
- The Floating Gardens in Mexico City are an absolute must-see. Created in the time of the Aztecs, they offer a glimpse into the past.
- The many Aztec and Mayan structures in Mexico are some of the country’s greatest landmarks and architectural wonders. At the base of Mexico City you will find Tenochtitlan, the largest Aztec city.
- Go to the beach! Famous for its gorgeous stretches of sand, Mexico offers a seemingly endless selection to choose from. Acapulco is a traditional favourite, as well as Cancun and the island of Cozumel.

Key Facts for Mexico

Currency: Peso

Capita: Mexico City

Language: Spanish

Flight time: 16 hours from Sydney

When to Honeymoon in Mexico

When to go:
Mexico’s climate is as varied as its topography and geography, and it boasts one of the most varied weather systems in the world. One thing you need to remember is to pack a high SPF sunscreen if you’re off on a honeymoon in Mexico. The climate is tropical in the southern areas and along the coasts, and temperature higher up and further to the north. With most large cities in Mexico located above elevations of 2000 metres, temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius can be expected. Along the Caribbean coast temperatures are often higher, and during the summer and autumn hurricanes are a threat.

Flight Information:
American Airlines operate flights from Sydney with 1-2 stops en route to Mexico. The total flying time is approximately 24 hours.

The Peso is the local currency in Mexico

Travel Documents
Plan your honeymoon in Mexico for any season, and you will be guaranteed sunshine and warm weather. North American Spring break does bring an increase in university aged tourists to the resort towns, but they only stay for a couple of weeks each year. Australian couples traveling for a honeymoon in Mexico can enter the country with a valid passport and a tourist card. Tourist cards are issued free of charge by all airlines flying into Mexico.

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Mexico

If you want a tropical wedding experience, then why not think about weddings abroad in Mexico. This country is awash with palm fringed beaches in gorgeous locations such as the Yucatan Peninsular as well as the more tourist destinations of Cozumel, Cancun and of course Acapulco. Naturally this country isn't just about the sandy white beaches and azure waters. Photo opportunities abound everywhere and can make a stunning backdrop to your wedding ceremony. Why not try an ancient Mayan marriage ceremony at the stunning ruins of Chichen Itza or an all inclusive resort in the beautiful surroundings of Cabo. Whatever you choose, Mexico has it all.

Marriage Requirements


Only civil marriages are recognised as legally binding here in Mexico. If you prefer a religious wedding ceremony, then it is possible but by doing so will mean that you are not legally married . Foreigners are not subject to residency requirements but will need a valid ID such as a birth certificate, passport and drivers licence (if applicable) Couples requesting to get married will need a blood test at least 3 days before the ceremony (necessary for all states) and a thorax x-ray plate test (necessary in only some states). You will also need between 2-4 witnesses to your marriage who are over 18. They also need to supply documentation. Marriage licenses can be picked up at the numerous 'oficina's del registro  located throughout the country. For further information click the link below


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