Rebekah & Lloyd's Honeymoon

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Honeymoon in Australia

Bremer Bay Resort

We decided to go to Bremer Bay, Western Australia (about 5hr drive one way), as it was one of the few places, "down-south" that hadn't visited. The first actual day of holidaying, took a trip down a 4WD track to the beach. After driving on the beach for a short while, we entered some softer sand and quickly got stuck! After about 2hrs of digging the wheels out, edging forward, reversing and generally getting not very far...rescue came! We were later, gratefully, pulled free, not once but 3 times by a lovely fellow and his partner, before we got back to bitumen. Gosh, open road never looked so good. Was a great day out, all things considered, we still had fun.

Honeymoon Date: 02 Mar 2014

Any new 4WD-ing people out there (especially Auto drivers) use the gears to move through the sand, rather than "Drive"...this is was our mistake.

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