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The little Caribbean island of Aruba, which makes up part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is located just off of the north coast of Venezuela. Officially, the language of the island is Dutch, but Papiamentu is the native Creole language, and English and Spanish are also widely spoken – making communicating during your honeymoon in Aruba a snap. Located outside of the hurricane belt, the continuous warm, sunny weather make Aruba an ideal destination for couples hoping to find time to relax together.
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Aruba Overview

Do you love shopping? Are you always on the lookout for a bargain? Then a honeymoon in Aruba will be a very rewarding choice for you. Because it enjoys the status of a free zone, Aruba offers very low prices on some amazing brand name products, such as clothing and jewellery. Plan your honeymoon in Aruba for the month of January and you will be welcomed in the middle of the most anticipated celebration of the year – Carnival! Wildly decorated people and floats fill the streets with dancing and live music, and the whole island comes alive with the excitement. As anticipated, there are plenty of opportunities for diving and snorkelling, or just plain swimming on Aruba, as well as bird watching (think flamingos!) and hiking. The locals are famous for their relaxed and hospitable nature, and you will without a doubt be received with open arms during your honeymoon in Aruba.

Aside from dreams of lounging on the beach and sipping cocktails, with a few snorkel trips and maybe some dancing thrown in, take a look at the following recommendations to make your honeymoon in Aruba really unique:
- A leisurely horseback ride along the beach, particularly at sunrise or sunset, is the perfect way to say ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’.
- The heart shaped entrance of Huliba Cave has won it the title of ‘The Tunnel of Love’. Bring a flashlight and explore the 90 meter long passageway decorated with ancient cave drawings.
- By climbing up the 562 steps to the top of Hooiberg (Haystack Mountain), you’ll get a sense of just how close the island is to mainland South America – you can see the mountains of Venezuela in the distance!

Key Facts for Aruba

Currency: Aruban Florin

Language: Dutch

Capital: Oranjestad

Flight time: 19 hours from Sydney

When to Honeymoon in Aruba

When to go:
With average daily temperatures hovering around 29 degrees Celsius, Aruba enjoys a dry, hot climate. From October to December there is a possibility of showers, but even then they won’t last long. Temperatures are perfect for a honeymoon in Aruba at any time of the year, thanks to the cooling trade winds. Packing a high SPF sunscreen and lightweight clothing is recommended, as is a sweater for outdoor evenings and air conditioned buildings.

Flight Information:
American Airlines have flights operating from Sydney to Aruba via Los Angeles and Miami. The total flying time takes approximately 38 hours.

Arubin Florin however US Dollar is widely accepted.

Travel Documents
Australian couples won’t need a visa for their honeymoon in Aruba, as long as they don’t exceed the 30 day maximum tourist stay. A passport that is valid for at least three months past the date of departure (from Aruba) is required, and you will also need to show that you have an onward or return ticket. Landing at Queen Beatrix International Airport, you’ll be able to choose from local transportation to your final destination, or a rental car. In some instances, hotels will offer free airport pick-up and drop-off for guests celebrating their honeymoon in Aruba.

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Aruba

If you're looking for a destination to get married that is a melting pot of culture, history and great weather, then why not consider the island of Antigua. Located just off the coast of Venezuela, weddings abroad in Antigua combine a heady mix of sun, sea and sand together with a glitzy glamour that can be likened to Las Vegas. With the choice of civil or religious ceremonies and venues such as churches, chapels, exotic gardens or beaches, versatility is key. With a vast array of beach resorts or elegant restaurants all eager to host the reception once you have exchanged your vows, you will easily somewhere to suit your tastes.

Marriage Requirements


Getting married in Aruba is fairly easy and you are given a choice of civil or religious ceremonies. The documents you will need are copies of both birth certificates and photo ID such as a passport or State Issued ID. In addition you will be required to sign a form stating that you are single and also you need to provide 2 witnesses to be present during the ceremony. Weddings can only take place on Wednesday through to Fridays although late morning weddings are possible on a Saturday for an additional fee of US$150. All documentation needs to be faxed for review and taken by courier (such as Fedex) at least one month prior to your chosen wedding date. For more about getting married in Aruba check out http://www.islandbrides.com/destination/Aruba/requirements/7/

Aruba honeymoon advice

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