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The flower girl’s role is to support the bride and her bridesmaids by leading them down the aisle, gently scattering flower petals in their path. Traditionally, the bride-to-be will choose her flower girl very carefully, which may be a young family relative, goddaughter, friend of the family or her own daughter. Generally she will be dressed to match the wedding theme and colour scheme. Flower girls are usually adorned in beautiful, pretty dresses in a white or ivory hue. A splash of colour may be added with a sash around the waist, or the entire outfit may be themed the same as the other bridesmaids or maid of honour.

As the flower girl’s dress is ordered well in advance of the wedding, it is worth noting that children at a young age are prone to growth spurts, so make sure that the dress is a size that will fit when the actual wedding day comes around. This will also be the case with any matching accessories or shoes. To avoid any confusion, make it clear and decide on who will be paying for the flower girl outfit and ensure that this is included in your planned wedding budget if it is indeed you.


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Your flower girls will play a huge part in your wedding, so making sure they look the part and are dressed in a super cute outfit is essential. If you’re going to buy the flower girl dresses yourself, then be sure to get the size and style right. Children can tend to grow quite quickly, so if you see the perfect dress a year in advance, think about how big the flower girl is going to be by the time your wedding comes around. Flower girls can accessories by wearing a matching pair of shoes, and can carry a pretty basket filled with petals to scatter as she walks down the aisle in front of you. And lastly, you should either include flower girl outfits in your wedding budget, or make it clear who is going to be paying for the dress, prior to the purchase, so as not to cause any confusion.