Wishing Tree

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  • Posted: 17 Aug 2015 12:33

    Wishing Tree

    So I have been trying to get my FH to become a little more involved in the planning of our wedding. He has had some beautiful suggestions, they are just few and far between! He has come up with a beautiful idea, instead of having a wishing well to have a wishing tree for everyone to hang their cards on. In return, he would like us to put 'notes' on the tree for people to take home with them. I think this is a nice idea, but I just don't know what to put on the tree, or if people will know what to do (I guess I could always put a sign up), or if people will bother, or will they just put the cards under the tree and be all confused. ANY help or advice here would be greatly appreciated, as I really want this idea to work.


  • Posted: 13 Sep 2015 8:18

    Re: Wishing Tree

    Hi Bloss bride :)


    I think a wishing tree sounds lovely!


    Notes for guests sound like a cute idea, but if you want to jazz them up maybe you could attach something to them, like a small lolly or favor bag, or even woven hearts. 

    Alternatively, you could even hang small lanterns on it.


    Hope these ideas help! :)

  • Posted: 11 Jul 2016 14:52

    Re: Wishing Tree

    Unique idea!

    People won't get bother, because it is really interesting, just leave there favours for them so it make your wishes more colourful.

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