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26 May 2015

A Labour of Love

by kate@thepaperbotanist

With all of the stresses modern day society throws at us, many might question, as I have recently why anyone in their right mind would choose to get married. 

To me the religious significance of marriage seems to be lost. Most couples I know have lived or bought a home together long before marriage has even crossed their minds and signing your life away on a thirty page mortgage agreement seems like a much bigger commitment than the more concise (and much easier to back out of) marriage document. And let’s not forget just how expensive weddings can be. Unless you or your family are absolutely minted it is an expense that most of us could do without and one that a lot of us get into debt for. 

So why on earth do so many of us make the decision to get wed?

With this question in mind I was recently asked by good friends to create some illustrated chalkboard signs for their upcoming nuptials. Everybody loves a friend with creative skills. This project became a labour of love which, for a couple of weeks, needed my total commitment; before work, after work and on the weekends so they would be finished before the big day. 

Not until I arrived at the wedding did I realise what a small part of the pie my little chalkboards actually were. It seemed that everybody invited had their own individual role to play in this bohemian wedding production. 

The maid of honour rifled through every second hand shop in Queensland for vintage linens to stitch together hundreds (and I literally mean hundreds) of metres of bunting. A friend drove a truck packed to the brim with props all the way from Sydney to Byron Bay to decorate a rustic barn. A van of freshly cut flowers from Sydney Flower Markets was driven by the groom who had to slow at every bend to ensure they wouldn’t get crushed. The bride along with her bridesmaids, brothers, sisters, mum and more worked for two days to create a stunning canopy of hanging foliage and roses that could easily grace the pages of a bridal magazine. Aunties and uncles scrubbed and washed enough vintage cut glass for the whole world to have a toast. Another friend, a notable chef, spent hours shucking oysters and cooking up a wedding feast fit for a King. To top it all off, the bride’s cousin baked fifteen cakes for a dessert table that would make Marie Antoinette swoon.

This wedding was a labour of love of many. My chalkboard signs were a small part of a much bigger picture that involved the input of almost every guest. It was a lot of hard work and this approach might not be for everyone but we all left with the satisfaction knowing that each of us had contributed a small part to the day, making it one that the bride and groom will cherish for the rest of their lives.

I think that somewhere among all of that baking, cooking, washing, drying, creating and making lies the reason to why, despite all of reasons not to, any of us should make the decision to get married. The act of marriage allows us to celebrate the love of not only the one we are marrying but all the people in our lives and the numerous ways that they support us. It takes more than just the love of a husband and wife to keep a marriage together. It involves the love and input of many and that in my opinion is definitely something worth celebrating.

About the Paper Botanist

The Paper Botanist is my own little labour of love. A self-confessed paper junkie I am also a writer, illustrator, designer and lover of all things botanical. The Paper Botanist celebrates the handcrafted, the handwritten and the beauty of natural abundance. It is for anyone that has an appreciation for the handmade in a world that is quickly becoming over-saturated by the digitally mastered and poorly mass-produced. It is a place for me to share my inspirations, document my own journey, work towards my longed for creative dreams and hopefully motivate and inspire others to do the same. Oh, and it is also for all you other self-confessed paper nuts out there!

If you would like to embark on my creative, paper filled journey head over to The Paper Botanist to check out more inspiration and join the paper trail. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

From one paper lover to another,

Kate (a.k.a The Paper Botanist)

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Published 26 May 2015 5:04 by kate@thepaperbotanist