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06 May 2015

Paper Wedding Invitations vs. Paperless Invites

by kate@thepaperbotanist

In a world where email has become the most common and convenient form of correspondence it was only a matter of time before email wedding invites became increasingly popular among couples planning their big day. They are easy, convenient, save time and stress, are budget friendly and offer the instant gratification of a quick RSVP.

Despite the benefits of email there are still many qualities that paper invitations offer that emails, with all of their technological convenience, will never be able to emulate. So before you sign up for an e-invite and click “Send”, read on for 5 reasons to consider the old world charm of a paper invitation.

1. Paper invitations convey a personal touch

Paper invites are a form of personal correspondence with a physicality and intimacy that an email just cannot rival. Emails by their very nature are cold, unfeeling and impersonal. Taking the time to print and stuff envelopes, attach the stamps and physically post invites to your guests shows them they are important to you and that you take personal pride in what will be one of the biggest milestones in your life. 

2. A paper invite demands attention

A brightly hand scripted, stamped envelope stands out like a shining beacon among the bills and junk mail in your letterbox. Emails often get lost among the streams of marketing emailers all listed chronologically with a single subject header. While an email is quickly read and filed or forgotten about within seconds of reading, a paper invite can be savoured to read over a warm cup of tea while dunking chocolate digestives and later stuck to the fridge as a visible reminder for the days, weeks and even months leading up until the wedding. It is much more difficult to attach a computer to your fridge door.

3. Paper is tactile and tangible

Paper engages all of the senses. The glimmer of a silver envelope, the rustling of the paper as you carefully tear the seal open, the feel of the paper in your hands as you hold it close- these are real and tangible qualities that are emotionally bearing. Printing techniques like traditional letterpress, silver or gold foiling, calligraphy and embossing give a three dimensional and tactile quality. Paper can be decorated and perfumed. The choice of paper stock, design and ink used can speak volumes, helping to set the tone for your big day. 

4. Paper invites are timeless and nostalgic

Paper invites can be appreciated and preserved long after you have taken the vows to become Mr and Mrs. They can be kept for nostalgic reasons and read over and over, conjuring up lasting memories. The corresponding RSVP cards can be kept in an album beside photos of the guests or the invite framed and hung on the wall for a daily, sentimental reminder of the wedding. Archiving an email just doesn’t have the same emotional appeal.

5. Paper announcements honour tradition

Paper invitations have an old world charm that emails can’t replace. They are a sacred and romantic form of communication dating back to the mid 1600s. Invitations were used by the aristocracy with announcements handwritten and delivered to the recipient on a silver tray. The act of marriage itself is an age old tradition so it makes sense to further that tradition with a paper invitation. It is far more chic than an email and pays homage to the traditions of a bygone era. This is bound to keep Great Aunt Maud extremely happy.

While there are many practical advantages of email invites, paper offers an evocative experience that emails by their nature just cannot communicate.  If time and budget allow, it is definitely worth considering a paper invitation to entice guests along to your wedding.

Stay tuned for my future posts where I will review some of my favourite wedding invitation designers and provide DIY ideas and tips for keeping your wedding stationery costs to a minimum. In the meantime head over to The Paper Botanist for more ideas and inspiration on handcrafted stationery.


The Paper Botanist


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Published 6 May 2015 0:49 by kate@thepaperbotanist