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06 Oct 2014

Five Reasons to Get Married in Australia

by Joanne@WildHeartCelebrations

This is the perfect choice for a celebration, particularly internationals looking to getting married in Australia. But why?

Perhaps it’s because of the incredible weather!

We have just come out of a short mild winter. There has been enough rain to reinvigorate the Australian bush land and the grass is now a luminous green, exploding forth with different coloured flowers standing out vividly against the exquisite backdrop our blue sunny skies have to offer. The air is sweet, the birds are cheeping, butterflies are everywhere and what’s most exciting is that spring is just the start of it. Did you know that Perth is located in one of only five Mediterranean climate zones in the world? It’s the reason why our weather is fine and sunny for most of the year. 

Or maybe it’s the beautiful environment!

Whichever direction you drive, you’ll discover Mediterranean forests, woodlands, scrub, dunes, rivers, salt flats and oceans. The wilderness and the serenity to be discovered is endless. All you have to do is drive.

The South West in particular is just one of my favourite places in the world. The region spanning Bunbury, Margaret River, Pemberton, Denmark and Albany captured my heart one trip “Down South”, as they call it, many years ago. The trip opened my eyes to some of the most varied travel experiences I had ever had. I was astonished by the huge diversity of animals, both land and marine, to be seen. Everywhere I looked, Mother Nature opened her arms and welcomed us. I know it sounds clichéd, but it has a special feeling. It is impossible not to feel calm and happy here.

With so many romantic sights to be seen from cliff faces and isolated clean white beaches that reach for as far as the eye can see, it is little surprise that internationals flock to the region. Lonely Planet recognised the South West as one of the Top 10 Regions to visit in Australia.

Hang on. It could be the fact that everyone here is so friendly.

Yes! That’s it! Good ol’ Aussies know how to party! No matter how much or how little you end up spending on a wedding, a celebration Down Under is always going to be very special. You could stick two simple white flags in the sand to signify your wedding event or you could spend a small fortune. Either way, the simple fact is that you’re getting married in Oz would be something always to be remembered because laughter, cheer, good wishes and a touch of cheekiness would ensure you never forgot.

Likely safety is an important factor!

Australia is the land of the free and safe. We have a democracy, women have equal rights, we place importance on not being prejudicial and it is possible, for example, to walk around Margaret River at whatever time I like with no worries (compared to other countries). If anything, in the South West we live in a bubble and often take for granted just how lucky we are to live in such peace, tranquillity and beauty.

Dollar to donuts it’s awesome marriage celebrants!

A civil marriage ceremony allows you complete freedom of choice. There are over 3,000 celebrants in Australia to choose from. An authorised marriage celebrant is trained and recognised by the Attorney General’s office to legitimise your wedding, plus licencing has now come into force. This means that the quality of wedding celebrants and wedding ceremonies will continue to improve.

Did you know that with the right celebrant, you can do just about anything for your wedding? All you have to do is ask! There is a marriage celebrant out there who is perfect for you.

About the blogger

Margaret River based Wedding Celebrant, Joanne Armstrong, offers fun, genuine, unique wedding ceremonies. For formal, informal and extreme weddings, just ask. Everything is possible!

Feel free to contact her via Wild Heart Celebrations with any question related to weddings in Australia. joanne@wildheartcelebrations.com or www.wildheartcelebrations.com.au.

Photography credit (bar the first image): Craig Spittles Photography

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Published 6 Oct 2014 0:39 by Joanne@WildHeartCelebrations