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November 2014 - Posts

Vintage engagement rings vs. new ones...

Vintage. Antique. Preloved. Whichever way you want to style it, there’s no doubt that with the rise of Pinterest has come a new found appreciation of, and demand for, the stylish engagement rings of days gone by. In this post I’ll talk you through what you need to know to get a great vintage ring and what you need to look out for. Most vintage rings are easily categorised into three buckets, depending on when they were made. As with today, there were definite fashions for engagement rings...
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Does your engagement ring need to have a diamond?

Despite a rise in the use of other precious stones in engagement rings, diamonds are still the rock of choice for around 85% of engagement rings. So why is this and are there any restrictions on the stones that can, or should, be used in an engagement ring? Read on to find out… De Beers and diamond demand The involvement of De Beers in the popularizing of diamonds in engagement rings is quite well known, but just in case you’re not familiar with the tale, I’ll run over it again...
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Alistair explains how to get the engagement ring you want!

I blame Hollywood. Countless romcoms have convinced people everywhere that a proposal should follow a set format. Man surprises woman with ring. Ring is diamond. Woman cries and says yes. Violin music starts. Man and woman cry together. End scene. What this has meant is that blokes think that they have to surprise their intended with a ring on the day, whipping it out of their pocket like a magician would a rabbit. All very well and good and romantic, but it does considerably increase the likelihood...
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