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What role to give your dog at your wedding...

Want to include your beloved four-legged family member in your wedding party, but not quite sure what role he/she should have? Here I’ve outlined a few tips and suggestions for ensuring you pick the right role for your pooch on your special day: Your dog’s personality: Firstly you need to think about your dogs personality and their demeanour. Are they boisterous and will need to be on a leash? Or are they calm and/or shy and might even need a little coaxing in front of so many people...
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 Excerpted from Wedding Dogs: A Celebration of Holy Muttrimony by Katie Preston Toepfer and Sam Stall. 

Princess Celebrating with Danielle and Paul Mante Princess, a bichon frise owned by the bride’s father and step-mother, seemed to be everywhere at the Mantes’ wedding and reception—perhaps because she was. The ceremony, held at the bride’s father’s South Florida home, featured Princess as the unofficial life of the party. “She greeted everyone as they entered the house, left everyone alone during dinner, then worked the crowd after the meal,” Danielle recalls...
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Convince your partner to include your dog in your wedding!

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. Many brides even start planning their special day many years before they even meet their Prince Charming. But what do you do if your idea of the perfect wedding ceremony involves your dog and your other half doesn’t agree? Here are a few tips and things to say to help you convince him that your furry family member must take part in your special day: *Your dog won’t be worried about what you dress them in on the day...

Will your four legged friend be at your wedding?

So Fluffy didn’t exactly pass with honors from puppy preschool and you still have to hide your shoes to prevent them from going missing or reappearing in the backyard chewed to bits... Having said that, no one gives cuddles like your four-legged friend or greets you with such excitement when you come home exhausted from a long day at work…so the big question is: should you include them in your special day? Of course there are a few things you need to consider if you want to have your...
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