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27 Feb 2014

DIY Ombre Mason Jars

by zoe@hitched

We are obsessed with all things mason jar related at hitched.com.au – perfect for a rustic themed wedding!

I’m really excited to be able to share with you this amazing DIY painted mason jar tutorial from masonjarcraftslove.com, which will allow you to create your own perfectly painted jars for your wedding day! I can feel a weekend project coming on…

Step 1 – Wash Your Jars!

Give your mason jars a thorough scrub before you start anything. Cleaning them with rubbing alcohol will rid them of any clinging residue. Then rinse and dry well.

Step 2 – Pick Your Paint!

Pick or mix your choice of paint to get the perfect colour to match your wedding colour scheme. We love the ombré shades used in this tutorial.

Step 3 – Time to Paint!

Start at the top when painting your jars, then when the top half is done, turn it over and paint the bottom half. Once that has dried, add a second coat to neaten up any mistakes.

Step 4 – Let it Dry!

Let the paint dry overnight before beginning the next step. By leaving it to dry overnight you lessen the chance of the paint peeling off.

Step 5 – Distress!

After your jars have dried overnight, you can start to create the distressed look. 120 grit sandpaper is recommended by masonjarcraftslove.com for the jars, with 100 grit sandpaper being used on the raised areas. Use an emery board across the text to prevent the paint from peeling.

Step 6 – Seal!

Finally, finish off your jars with two coats of a clear sealer – you can use a matte or satin finish.

And that’s it! You have beautiful rustic mason jars to display at your wedding, in your home, on your desk…maybe I’m getting a bit carried away now.

Check out masonjarcraftslove.com for more amazing craft ideas!

Zoe x

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Published 27 Feb 2014 3:24 by zoe@hitched