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26 Jul 2013

How To Have Amazing Wedding Hair

by zoe@hitched

One of our most recent real wedding brides, Fiona, trusted La Unica Salon to take care of her tresses for her wedding day. The bride’s hair was sleek and glossy, with a subtle hint of a wave, and she loved the end result. So did I, so I asked the creative director of La Unica, Shane Couzens, to give us some tips on perfect wedding hair!

(Image courtesy of Dusty Miller Designs)

“While the main objective is of course to create wonderful styles for the bride and her wedding party from a detailed consultation, there are a few other tips we like to give to our brides…

- For 6 months leading up to the wedding, have an in-salon intense treatment once a month, and regular trims to keep the hair healthy and the ends wholesome.

- Back up your in-salon services with good quality, professionally prescribed, home hair care (we choose De Lorenzo) as this will help to ensure your hair is the best it can be.

- Always have at least one hair trial (preferably two). Allow for the first to be a consultation regarding, the neckline of the gown, hair accessories like a veil or hair ornaments, and any ideas you may have about styling on the day, from there the stylist can begin to create the right texture in the hair (curl, smooth, volume, etc). Take photos of the finished results to see what works best for you.

- The second trial should be to create the exact style for your day. Have your hairdresser take photos of the process and the finished result so there are no crossed wires on the big day.

(Image courtesy of Love Liz Photography)

- On the day of the wedding, wear clothing that can be removed without having to go over the head (for obvious reasons).

- Have the wedding party arrive with their hair thoroughly cleansed and dry. This will make the process more time efficient, and therefore less stressful.

- Finally and most importantly, relax, have fun, and enjoy your day!!”

Visit La Unica Salon to find out more about what Shane, Susana and the team can do for you…

Have you chosen your wedding hairstyle yet?

Zoe x

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Published 26 Jul 2013 0:48 by zoe@hitched