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19 May 2013

Musq Magic

by zoe@hitched

Continuing with our barrage of beauty blogs, this time the focus is on Musq and their range of wonderful products which can help you be at your most beautiful on your wedding day!

We’ll start with the Musqskin Crème Mineral Foundation, their version of a BB cream. By using this, you won't need a separate concealer or a primer for luminous skin all day on your wedding day. It gives a natural dewy finish and takes care of your skin by infusing it with anti-oxidants, mineral and organic ingredients known to hydrate, balance oil levels, soothe irritation and inflammation, correct blemishes and helps protect against broad-spectrum UV damage.

A perfect concealer for blending over 'trouble spots' and it can be applied right up to the eye area and over the lid, meaning it doubles up as a base for your other make up too!

If you want to freshen up your complexion throughout your wedding day with just a simple spritz, consider Musq Antioxidant Spritz which allows you to drench your skin with all natural organic ingredients that are too good to be just wiped away! Use as a toner and then re-spritz to allow the full value of the ingredients to soak into your skin. Or spray lightly over face whenever you want extra hydration boosted with active botanical extracts.

Finally, consider Musq Amplifies to boost your eye make up and lip colour on your wedding day. Just a tiny bit of this miracle gel applied to skin before you add your make up will make the colours pop and will ensure they’ll stay in place for longer. Apply eye shadow or lip colour to it whilst the gel is still damp.

For more amazing Musq products, visit their site here.

Zoe x

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Published 19 May 2013 23:32 by zoe@hitched