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16 May 2013

Be Fresh Faced with Peachy Clean

by zoe@hitched

Peachy Clean is a life saver for brides aren't sure how to deal with their skin!

Brides obviously want to look their best on their wedding day, but this can be expensive. You could spend a fortune on facials and treatments, not to mention on makeup and makeup artists…but you could be saved from all this with a consultation from the lovely Haley at Peachy Clean.

Brides can email their current beauty routine, skin concerns and skin type to Peachy Clean, and they will recommend a selection of ‘hero’ products to nourish and boost their skin. As Haley says: “Nourishing is like feeding your face with vitamins and minerals while moisturising is just the moisture content - skin needs nutrients as well as moisture to renew, protect and replenish and really get glowing!”

 They take into account your skin type and any issue – I told Haley about my combination skin that is simultaneously too dry and too oily, as well as my recurring psoriasis problem which I have to take into consideration, and she was able to advise the right products for me.

I’ve pasted in some advice from her email – there was so much helpful stuff it was hard to pick just a few lines! “Ditch anything in your beauty regime that contains the ingredients Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and anything ending in the word paraben (methyl, butyl, ethyl etc etc) - apart from being toxic and proven skin irritants, they're really drying on your skin. Basically it's stripping the skin of its natural oils which just means your skin has to produce more sebum (oils) to try and protect itself-hence the oily patches! Vicious cycle.

“The two main products I'd recommend are the Balancing Concentrate and the Balancing Serum. The Concentrate is amazing-it's a liquid exfoliator that literally just dissolves dead skin cells and gives you skin like a baby's bum. Most scrubs are too harsh and can actually cause more oils and congestion (the skin produces more oil to protect itself after being 'roughed up'-like a defence mechanism and the dry patches are just being attacked so they get flaky) so stay away from scrubs for combination skin”.

I had no idea I was making my combination skin worse with a scrub, I thought it’d strip the oil and exfoliate the dead skin. I found out so much that I was doing wrong with my skincare, I’m actually excited to go home and shake things up, and see some killer results.

A range of products that form a practical skin care routine is then suggested to you, and they also take your budget into consideration – this is a massive plus, as how often have we seen an amazing wonder product…with an awe-inspiring price tag?

Peachy Clean also recommend the superfoods you should be eating for better skin clarity and tone. As well as this, they advise you on the right sort of fake tan. As my complexion is quite ‘Caspar the Friendly Ghost’, I was intrigued to find out if Haley could suggest a tan that would work on my pale skin, without looking too obvious.

 Below are some examples of the Peachy Clean hero products!

Rainbow Superfood, for a healthy bridal glow...

Sodashi Skin Boost, a leave on gel mask designed to boost your complexion... 

Eco Tan Winter Skin, to gradually tone and tan your skin, making you look healthier and more radiant! 

Honestly, you need to contact Haley if you want the best skin on your wedding day. Visit their site here or email her straight away at info@peachyclean.com.au – tell her I sent you!

Zoe x

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Published 16 May 2013 23:09 by zoe@hitched