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16 Dec 2012

An Interview with Linda Davey of No. 9 Bridal Couture

by zoe@hitched

To start my blog off in style, I interviewed Linda Davey, the bridalwear genius behind No. 9 Bridal Couture, to find out more about her fabulous business and what it offers to brides to be (clue: it involves affordable and amazing bespoke bridalwear)...

How and why did you come to start up your company?

A very good school friend of mine was getting married. I was working in a bridal store at the time and she just couldn't find what she liked. As I assisted with many of the alterations, I offered to make her wedding gown as her wedding gift. I could see brides’ choices were limited by what the high street had to offer and as I was approached by three of her wedding guests it became more apparent. It all started from there.

Describe No. 9 Bridal Couture?

No. 9 is a bespoke dressmaking/design service. I don’t believe a couture or bespoke gown should be on offer to those with large budgets. Our prices have been known to be very affordable to brides looking for their dream wedding gown. I also don't believe in standard sizing. Every woman is unique and shouldn't have to look at themselves in a mirror and think. "It doesn't look the same on me."

What inspires you?

I guess you could say who inspires me? Edith Head; she designed gowns for the stars of Hollywood from Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn. Two very different ladies with very different silhouettes. The shape of a woman determines the gown and this is where the inspiration comes from. The bride herself.

Why is it called No. 9 Bridal Couture?

When I re launched in 2009 after a break having my daughter, No 9 was on my front door.

Why should a bride come to you?

No. 9 is friendly and welcoming and we believe our service is second to none. The Wedding Industry awards are voted by our clients for their gown experience and customer service. Winning the award for 2012 means we live up to our word. We serve clients of all shapes and sizes from the tiniest size 6 through to a voluptuous 36.

So you’ve made a wide range of wedding dresses, to suit all shapes, tastes and budgets?

Yes, we've accommodated all and each and every one of our clients has thoroughly enjoyed their couture experience. We do hold a few sample gowns, but these are purely to show the level of skill we provide and hopefully provide brides to be with inspiration. We also feel we are affordable and don't want any bride to dismiss speaking to us because they think couture is expensive. We believe in honesty too. If it won't suit, we tell you. We work with the client’s body to really highlight the areas that are amazing and disguise those not so. Our corsetry has been known to give a few of our clients waistlines they never actually knew were there!

Does your service stop with the dress?

Our service goes beyond this too and for the length of time we've been in business, we offer our personal dressing service (subject to distance and commitments) We come to your home or where you are getting married, steam press your gown along with any other items which need steaming and fit you perfectly into your gown to ensure you look like you've stepped from the pages of a bridal magazine.

What is your favourite design and why?

I am a lover of classic, timeless cuts. I think the style of the gown and fabric should do the work. I'm not much of a lover of excessive sparkle on a gown; it has its place. It's far too easy to overkill something.

What’s the best thing about your job?

When we exceed a client's expectations. Of course, playing with beautiful fabrics all day has its benefits too!

Where are you based?

We are based in Madeley, Perth WA

Do you ship across Australia?

Of course we can.

Do you have a particular favourite/memorable bride you’ve dressed (the story, the reaction to the dress etc.)?

I've had a bride who had a 'vision' of her perfect gown in her head ever since she was a young teenager. She looked at me without emotion for a second, just staring straight at me and then tears welled up in her eyes. "It's like you've climbed inside my head!" Beautiful full princess style silk skirt, gorgeous corded French lace bodice that was totally cut away at the back. That is what makes the job worthwhile.

Any awards or accolades?

I am the current 2012 Wedding Industry award national winner for best wedding dress designer in the UK.

Describe a typical day at No. 9 Bridal.

I generally get up around 5.30am and answer emails. From 9am I am in the studio working on designs, fabric orders and most importantly, clients’ gowns. Because I am an independent designer, all gowns are constructed in house by me which means any alteration to gown style can be tackled immediately. This also means my timescales can be shorted too. I've made gowns for clients in as little as a week. I then generally finish my work day around 3pm when I can devote my time to my family.

To find out more about Linda and her services, visit her website here. To get some wedding dress inspiration, visit our dedicated wedding dress section.

Zoe x

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