Buck and Hen Nights

Although your main focus will be on the wedding day itself, it's important to pay due attention to organising the buck's and hen's night as it'll no doubt provide stories you'll be telling for a lifetime!

The choice is yours whether you prefer a small quiet affair or maybe you want to go out with a big bang!! It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to merge their Buck and Hen night.

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Check out the sites below for some fantastic original ideas for a memorable buck or hen do.


About Buck's Night

Bucks night inspiration

Traditionally the buck's night is organised by the bestman and marks the groom's final night of freedom. It's advisable however that it is not held on the eve of the wedding, as time may be needed to recuperate!

A little planning and innovation can ensure a good bachelor party. The groom should not have to pay for a thing on the buck's night. It is courteous to invite the bride and groom's fathers and it's courteous of them to leave the celebrations early!

Opt for an adventurous day of white-water rafting, paint balling or fishing. For those that enjoy a drink, why not do a beer appreciation tour or hire a party bus in the evening. The bestman is also responsible of making sure the groom is delivered home safe and sound!!

About Hen's Night

Hens night inspiration

Traditionally the chief bridesmaid organises the hen's night, but it's also quite common for the bride to make the arrangements. The event should reflect the bride's personality and style and she should be comfortable with the plans. It's the final opportunity for the bride-to-be to have a fun all-girls day/night out.

Hen do's can range from being a quiet relaxing day at a spa with a few close friends or family to a crazy dusk till dawn pub-crawl in fancy dress!

There are some original ideas out there so get searching on the sites below. These include tandem skydiving over the beach, belly dancing or maybe a photo shoot and makeover. This is a time for the ladies to enjoy themselves and should be an experience that will create a lasting memory for the bride to be.