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After you have decided on your wedding dress and chosen the wedding style, it is time to start work on finding the ideal dresses for your flower girl, maid of honour and the bridesmaids. Traditionally no matter how many bridesmaids you do have it has become common to have all the bridesmaid dresses matching and complementing your wedding dress.

Sounds too easy? Well, there are many different options for your bridesmaids dresses but ensure you give yourself enough time to choose the right bridesmaid dresses as well as get input from your friends or family who are in the wedding party as you may have different body sizes to contend with. Many of the Wedding dress designers actually supply corresponding dress designs for the bridesmaids, maid of honour and the flower girl so please have a look through our dress sections together to find the perfect designs.

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twobirds Bridesmaid believe that being a bridesmaid doesn’t mean that you have to forgo style. One multi-functional dress offers over fifteen ways to wear it, meaning tha ...

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It is important to start Bridesmaid dress planning early as this can be a great stress reducer for you, make sure that you get some help from your Maid of Honor. It is a good idea to order and buy you bridesmaid dresses at least 6 months in advance. Bridal wear shops do stock a variety of ranges of bridesmaid dresses which helps to get reduce the number of shopping trips for you and the bridal party. There are is a large variety of styles of bridesmaid