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Once you have chosen your dream wedding dress, the next important and exciting part is the accessorising. Wedding accessories may include bridal headwear and special wedding jewellery. Once you have decided on your bridal hairstyle, you can then choose a tiara, or accessories such as hair pins, slides or a bridal veil. It is imperative that you choose your wedding dress prior to choosing your wedding jewellery as they need to perfectly complement each other. For example, if the dress is heavily embroidered or embellished, it would be wise to choose more simple jewellery designs.

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Bevilles supplies beautiful wedding jewellery that will make any bride feel and look truly special. Established in 1934, we are proud to still provide quality and well-de ...

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The majority of bridalwear shops will offer an array of bridal headwear and jewellery which makes choosing designs that enhance your wedding dress much easier. Also consider whether you can wear the items again in the future and also if they will coordinate with the bridesmaids, especially if you are planning on purchasing jewellery for them as a thank you gift. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is comfortable as you will be wearing it for the duration of the wedding day.